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A Pretty Teen Maid

"Heather was a middle aged woman who had never had any lesbian sexual thoughts in her life. But after she had hired a young teen maid by the name of Lana, she began to have strong and distinct feelings of sinful lust for the pretty girl. She would watch her constantly as Lana went about her chores, thinking dark and passionate thoughts about what she wanted to do to the lovely young maid. And one day is decided to act upon her burning lesbian passions...."

Fingers In Her Panties

"Heather leapt to her feet and pinned the pretty maid against the door frame, yanked down off her uniform top and shoved her hand right into the poor startled girl's panties! She began to massage and rub the young teen's clit and labia. "I want you, Lana" she gasped "I want that hot young sweet pussy of yours NOW!" Lana was shocked, she tried to get away from the older woman, but Heather was too strong for her. "P-Please" Lana begged "I-I'm not a lesbian-" But Heather didn't care, she was determined to fuck the little teen maid good and hard....."
mom munches the maid lesbian seduction picture
mom munches the maid lesbian seduction picture

Fingering The Maid

"Your pussy is SO hot and fresh, Lana" Heather whispered "Just like a little girl's should be!" Lana tried to fight the older woman off, but she felt the waves of excitement surge through her body as Heather fingered and massaged her pussy. She couldn't help reaching out and actually touching the older woman's pussy through her panties. She felt Heather's huge clit standing up firm and aroused like a little cock. "That's a good little girl" Heather cooed "Touch Mommy's pussy! Make it WET!"...."

Kissing An Older Woman

"Lana felt Heather's lips push against the crotch of her lace panties and soak the material beneath her fingers. The older woman pulled her closer and started kissing her deeply and passionately, even sticking her tongue in the young maid's mouth. "Come on, baby" Heather said softly "Kiss me like a good little girl!" Lana was losing control, she too had never thought of even TRYING lesbian sex, but here she was locked in a steamy embrace with an older woman and feeling like her own clit was going to explode in her panties as Heather fingered and prodded her pussy...."
mom munches the maid lesbian seduction picture
mom munches the maid lesbian seduction picture

Eating Mommy's Pussy

"I want you to taste me, Lana" Heather said "Get down and eat mommy's pussy like a good little slut!" Lana tried to pull away at this point, this lesbian seduction had gone far enough to her but Heather was having none of it. "Stop fucking around" Heather snapped "Lick that pussy NOW!" Lana felt the older woman grab her by the hair and literally SHOVE her face deep into her hot wet pussy. She tried to fight but soon gave in and let her tongue lick and flick at Heather's huge swollen clit. "Good girl" Heather sneered "I might even have to give my little maid a raise!"

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