Could you handle the shame and humiliation of having an older female, say a mother in law, wife or Auntie pull down your pants, put you across her lap and give you a good old fashioned bare bottom spanking? YOU COULD? Then you're going to LOVE this delicious gallery of mature women who spank men pictures we have putt together for you. It's an over-the-knee lap spurting spank special when these lovely, but strict, older babes get out the belts and go to work on these stinging male butts!
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Spanked By The Lady Boss

"I'm an older woman who runs my own printing company. I have a few male employees and it seems as if I'm ALWAYS having to discipline or fire one of them for messing around in the office. But now I just take them into the next room, lower their britches and spank their bare bottoms good and hard! They blush and stammer about how they're too old to be spanked like a little boy, but it's no use with ME! I give them a choice, get those pants down and get over my lap - or get fired! And Lord help them if they have a little "lap spurt" accident on my dress! I'll make them LICK it up!"
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Spanked By Auntie

"My sister has two of the most unruly children in her house. The older one, Tom, just recently got sent home from college because he was caught peeping at the girls using the bathroom in the gym. Can you imagine? And since my sister seems to have let discipline go out the window, I took it upon myself to straighten him out. How? By stripping him naked, putting him across my lap and spanking the tar out of his naughty bare butt! He might think he can get away with shit around his mother, but NOT around his Aunt! He'll learn that a mature woman is not to be trifled with when it comes to proper behavior!"
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Belt Spanking Your Husband

"I married a much younger man and while the sex has been great, there ARE times when I feel more like his mother than his wife! Frequently I have to punish him for being bossy or lazy around the house and my black leather belt seems to be the best way to get his "attention" when I'm pissed! The first time I spanked him he told me that grown men are not to be spanked by their wives, no matter how old they are! "Is that so?" I said "We'll just see about THAT!" I promptly put him back across my knee and belt spanked him till he was CRYING for mercy and BEGGING me to stop! THAT cured him! Now I just have to walk into the room holding my belt and he shuts up. LOL!"
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Spanked By An Older Female

"I caught the young man next door actually stealing my underwear from the dryer in our building last week. I wondered where my white cotton panties had been disappearing to and happened to just walk in to the laundry room as he was stuffing a pair into his pocket! Well, THAT was going to stop RIGHT NOW! I took him by the ear and marched him right upstairs to my room, pulled his pants down and spanked him across my lap! He kicked and struggled, but I told him it was either THIS or I tell his wife! He begged me not to tell her and that he would submit quietly to his punishment. I even made him say "Sorry, Mommy" after each spank! I have to admit I quite liked it and would dearly love to catch him at it again just so I could spank him! I must of masturbated five times this week at the sight of his young bare bottom across my lap turning a bright red as I merrily spanked away!"
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Spanked By Granny

"I was getting undressed for a shower this weekend when I happened to hear movement in my bedroom closet, so I went to look. And what did I find? My oldest grandson completely naked PEEPING at me! He even had his erect penis in his hand and was stroking it! MY GOD! I promptly made him come out and proceeded to spank his naughty bare bottom good and hard! I didn't even take the time to put my clothes back on I was so mad. He bellowed and sobbed "Sorry, Grandma" but I made sure he wasn't going to be sitting down for a week after THAT little stunt! Imagine, spying on your own Grandmother and masturbating in the dark? Maybe after being spanked by Granny, he'll think TWICE about doing such a disgusting thing again!"
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